You just never quite know…

What marvelous audience is going to step-in as you step-out
with the message you came in to deliver.

Hello Beautiful You,

Did you ever wonder who your audience would be as you launched the message you came in to deliver? Did you write your book or target the message for a particular group of peeps and have your heart eagerly waiting for them to step-in?

If so, I want to share with you today an amazing dynamic that has come to light as I moved forward with sharing The Principles of Peace on my Facebook Author page~ and how your greatest impact can be achieved by keeping your heart open to all possibilities of who your audience may be~ who is truly ready to step-in and receive the marvelous message you came in to deliver.

So, what dynamic came to light as I stepped-in to deliver my message~ that the demographic I was targeting was not stepping in, and that the ones who wanted the message most were not even on my radar.

The audience I was targeting? The United States, with the hopes that my personal Facebook friends and family would lead the way. Was I disappointed? No, actually it fascinated me that there was not much interest in what I had to share with those who resided in the United States in general.

Fascinated? Yes. Why not disappointed? Well fortunately I know that The Principles of Peace will be embraced when it is time, the timing is of no concern to me. So, I continued to post and put my love and support out there with all of my heart~ knowing when it was time, it would happen.

As I held the course… to my delightful surprise, a demographic soon leaned-in to hear what I had to share with an enthusiasm that amazed me~ and I never even saw them headed my way.

Who’s the audience? To my delight they are 13-18 year olds in Mexico with an equal male to female ratio- over one-thousand and counting. When it first came on my radar I thought~ really????

After the initial surprise it simply made my heart sing as they stepped-in, at that age, and embraced the essence of principles that will not only assist them individually with shifting into a place of harmony, but will also assist humanity with getting to peace on earth.

Imagine that, 13-18 year olds stepping in to lead the way~ right in the heart, and soul, of the Americas… my heart swells with excitement and anticipation. Every time I reflect back to that moment, the moment when I felt my audience reach out to me with their hearts full of desire and hope, I am filled with joy and immense appreciation.

In closing, as you step out to deliver the message you are here to share just remember to put all expectations aside and then get ready to be amazed with who leans-in to hear the incredible message you came in to share.

 Wishing you a most beautiful day,


I have recently completed having The Principles of Peace translated into Spanish, and if you know Spanish speaking peeps, please share them if your heart so desires.  Gracias!!

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