We were ALL created, spun, and birthed from the Light~

Hello Beautiful You(s) 😊

I am sharing this post with hopes that it brings Peace to your heart’s during these times with illusions trying to sway humanity otherwise.

Remember that when the illusion tries to bring you back into fear, that the Truth is We Are All One, there is no good or bad, wrong or right, or anything except Love, Light and Truth… and to give your time, attention, energy, or otherwise to the illusion only keeps it alive and continues to support fear rooting into the heart’s of humanity.

And if you are asking “no good, bad, wrong or right?” It is the Truth and anything within the illusion that appears otherwise is just an amazing gift that is helping humanity to awaken to the Truth of it all~ and that is that there is nothing except Love and Light and people must awaken to that Truth so that we may live in Peace on Earth.

Wishing you a most beautiful day!!! With Love and appreciation~ Wendy

We were ALL created, spun, and birthed from the Light~
and every beautiful Being on this incredible planet IS made
of the very same infinitesimal Divine matter.

To define the Light’s limits, or another Being’s limits, will only attach judgments that attempt to measure, quantify, or qualify one’s state of existence. There are no limits within the Light or that which was created from it… SEE and FEEL the Truth of it all and connect with the Light and Love within Us All.


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