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As you may have noticed my posts are a bit unconventional in the nature of their frequency and topic choices.  It seems that the best way for me to share with you is when the heart is inspired to do so, and that is more of an organic process than a scheduled one- thank you for your understanding on the timing of it all.

I have begun to put The Principles of Peace book together, and in the process I believe I will be sharing it with you, via posts, despite a later date of publication.  Today I share the author’s note with you and if you would like a current workshop handout, please email me and I am more than happy to share it with you.

Wishing you a most beautiful day filled with Peace, Ease, and Grace~ Wendy, [email protected]

Author’s Note:

It is May 18th, 2016 and I sit here today with my heart filled with the most amazing Love, Joy, Light, Truth, and Peace as I begin to formulate the presentation for the book The Principles of Peace.  These Principles are that which my heart and soul are Divinely designed to deliver… to all of humanity, here on planet Earth.

As I bring these Principles to you, know that they have been taught and delivered in a multitude of ways throughout time when humanity needed them most. The Principles are nothing new in theory or verbiage- the difference between them and the messages that were being delivered before is that they are being presented today as five principles that work together cohesively in a way that will change the course of humanity forevermore.

How is it that these Principles will change the course of humanity? The difference between the way these teachings were delivered before and the way that they are being delivered now is the energetic arrangement in which they have been brought together- they are specifically designed to carry a vibration of Peace Love Light and Truth that will transcend how they were utilized before; they have nothing attached to them except this high vibration.

You can rest assured that these Principles are brought to you with the purest of intent and the purest energetic vibration so that they will resonate within you, bringing nothing but Truth, which will deliver you to eternal Peace.

You may ask who is Wendy Isaac to be delivering these Principles and a method in which individuals and humanity can shift into an era of Peace?  I am a loving soul who mindfully and knowingly came into this world, stepping into the illusion, to deliver these Principles as humanity readied itself to shift into a new era of Peace. I came into this world knowing exactly what my Divine assignment and calling were for this incarnation. I am a messenger who is wired and created to deliver these Principles, and the message I have come to share with you is configured energetically in Unconditional Love.

Unconditional Love is not only your heart’s desire to see prevail in your life and the world, but is also the energetic vibration from which everything was created. Unconditional Love is that which we are all Divinely birthed from. Truth, Love, and Light were created and spun from Unconditional Love. The Truth you are desiring to remember, the Truth of what created all that is~ IS Unconditional Love.

As a messenger who intentionally came in to deliver these Principles I gift them to you now from ALL of those who serve you and Humanity…  they are arranged, delivered, and presented in a way that you and humanity truly can get to a place of Peace on Earth.  You can believe or disbelieve, but I can guarantee you with all that I am that if you apply and live these Principles you will reach a place of Peace for eternity.

Step in now, or step in later, but know that your personal transformation

IS the key to Peace on Earth.

  1. Unconventional is perfect! Love, Mom

  2. Thanks Wendy for sharing❤

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