The Principles of Peace… An Itty-Bitty e-book for Beautiful YOU.

Hello Beautiful You(s),

Well it has been sometime since I have posted, my apologies for the long delay and lack of updates, posts or otherwise. I have been diligently working on the two books I will be publishing soon and yes they are finally going to see the light of day. Still completing the final writings and hoping to have all into the publisher and editor by end of October. Timing is everything, and it seems that the time for this all to land was not exactly as I had planned, as in the end the awakening of the beautiful human collective is an ebb and flow process. Sometimes it is time to receive, other times it is time to take a reprieve from the affects and conditions on planet earth… and I think many needed a rest and reprieve after the last years events. The election and changing of the guard in the US and how that process took a toll on many.

Rest and de-escalation has since needed to be a priority as it was hard to receive much of anything until this happened. Hence, timing is everything… and it was this last years events that gave me the opportunity to take additional time to put together that which my heart would like to deliver in total, and not just the beautiful Principles of Peace.

Until all is published, I have been asked to offer up a little more than I have, which has been only the principles themselves, so I put together a VERY simple outline of the core curriculum of the Principles of Peace portion of what I will be publishing soon. It is short, brief, and to the point but powerful in it’s abilities to assist one with their personal transformation so they can live with greater peace in their lives daily.

In closing, I would like to send a special thank you to Rachel Spina for sharing what was on her heart and for Laura and Kevin Cosgrove for connecting their hearts to mine which brought pause for me to share this with you today.

Here is the link for the Principles of Peace core curriculum outline and feel free to share or print out as you like.

Principles of Peace

With much love and appreciation,


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