Sanders, Clinton, Cruz… or Trump?~ Oh my!

Yep, I am going there– which may be shocking to some of you who know me.
For those of you who do not know me I will share where I stand on such topics; I have no need to “go there”. I have no opinion of who should be in office, I do not watch the news, read the paper, or perpetuate discussions on this topic, ever. I simply do not care who becomes the next President of the USA.  (Some of you are cringing, that’s okay, read on.)
Why do I not care? Because I know with certainty it does not matter who is in office- as humanity will get to Peace no matter who governs any given nation. (Yes, I stand “with certainty” again. You can go to my first post and read why I know it is so,
So if I do not care then why am I am I writing on this topic today?  (The Truth is I actually do care, but about something much more important, and that is getting you to peace in a way that is so easy to understand and grasp- via The Principles of Peace.)
For two reasons, the first is that there is a palpable energy that seems to be coursing throughout many during this election period in the United States: it consists of uncertainty, anxiety, and fear.
The second is despite my desire to not be energetically subjected to the political process, the ones I love continue to approach me with these topics as they dread the possible outcomes depending on who becomes President of the United States. I cannot completely avoid the topic and do want my loved ones to understand it will be okay as whoever ends up in office will not impede you, or humanity, getting to peace.
So today I will “go there”…  with the hopes that I can help you understand that nothing can keep us from joy and harmony and to give you some insight in how you can do something different during this election and contribute something energetically positive to the outcome, no matter what it will be.
The best way I believe I can help is to have you follow a line of questioning that is presented to me frequently right now and how I respond to those questions.  Through this process I believe you can glean understanding in how to move forward despite your concerns or fears.
So, let’s get to it and see if I can help bring this all into perspective.
The line of questioning that I address most is as follows, followed with my response:
“Have you seen what’s happening with the elections?”
No, I do not pay attention, as I know that the outcome of the election will not change the course of humanity getting to peace~ as it is predestined now, just as our human evolution was.
 “How do you know the newly elected President will not keep us from peace?”
I know as it is part of the message I am here to deliver and the message is- that a most amazing event is taking place as humanity has collectively decided that the course of mankind will shift into an era of peace on earth. The decision was made and humanity will soon step into a new paradigm – and the best news is that even the free-will of mankind can no longer alter the course. The decision has been made, we will succeed in shifting into peace.
Yes, humankind and you will have all you need to get there with The Principles of Peace or other like methods.
“Trump may actually become President!!”
Yes, he may… remember though that the presidents and leaders of the USA, and other countries, may not have promoted just causes in the past- yet we have made it here today on the verge of a momentous shift in awareness. We will get to peace.
“How can we move into an era of peace with him in office, as he is anything but peace?”
Fortunately, the first step has already been taken, humanity has decided to shift into peace, the decision has been made, it will come to fruition.
The second is for you to embrace the Truth that we will get there by whatever means works for you.  Hold hope in your heart, replace fear with faith, and implement any and all practices that will assist you, and humankind, with getting to peace.
If this is a bit too altruistic for you, then put the following principles into action.
You can assist with moving into an era of peace by:
  • Realizing that nothing will change in the nation’s, or world’s, state of affairs unless you are the first to step forth and implement the change you desire to see come into place. It truly starts with you: take care of your own state of affairs first to bring your own existence into alignment with peace and love. As you do so others will follow.
  • Remember to be mindful of what you are focusing your attention and energy on. Focus on what you want to see come into fruition, as whatever you give your interest and energy to will grow and prosper. Be very aware of what you are feeding with your time and attention as it will THRIVE from you doing so.
  • For those of you who feel it is imperative for you to elect our leaders then please do so with your heart, versus your intellect. Choose the person you feel will get the nation closer to peace. Listen to what the candidates have to offer and choose the one that leaves you feeling most hopeful and smother the elections with love, peace, and faith that the person who is elected will serve in a way for the best and highest good for all.
  • And finally, remember that world does not need you to participate in the illusion in order for it to get to peace. Feeling sorry, bad, or sad about circumstances just helps the illusion to flourish so shift your attention to what your heart desires most and to the aspects in daily life that will support you getting to peace.
Just as you wake from a dream with lingering memories of what seemed so real to you so these fears and concerns will fade as you accept truth for illusion, reality for relativity. – Michael Wheeler
You are the key to peace on earth, do your part and believe with all of your heart it will happen. We collectively have the power to “make the world a better place,” free of fear and FILLED WITH LOVE!!!  
Sure, it will all take time but there is no time like the present to step in and assist with getting humanity to their next destination:
Peace on Earth.
Wishing you a most beautiful day,
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  1. Wonderful!! Thank you, Wendy!! This is an excellent reminder!

  2. Thank you Wendy.. Your words are full of love, truth and hope. Miss you😘

    • Laura, would love to give you a big hug right about now. Let’s say see you soon. 🙂 And thank you for your love and support!

  3. I just made the time to read this in full and with full attention. As usual your words are sound, heart filled and inspiring. Many thanks. I increasingly feel that I need not invest any energy or concerns about the outcomes in this election (or anything else for that matter). Much love! Jim

    • Lovely on the outcomes. 🙂 Thank you for the kind words, and I loved seeing that James Henry had commented. Have a beautiful day my dear friend.

  4. Yes, there is no time like the present to step in and assist! I’m on this journey with you dear daughter… Love, Mom

  5. Love and support you totally.

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