Peace on Earth~ Why I know with certainty it shall come to pass…

It’s a Happy Day because Peace is headed our way…
This week my desire is to continue to bestow hope upon your hearts that humanity will get to peace- and to inspire you to utilize The Principles of Peace.
As we move forward together, one of the first questions you may want to ask me, when I boldly state what I believe, will be the same question I am asked most frequently, and that is:  “How do you know with certainty that humanity will get to peace and how is it going to happen?”  There are two reasons as to why I know.
The first reason has already been presented in the very first post I wrote which speaks about the incredible evolution humanity has embarked on.  The transition is amazing and if you like here is the link.
The second reason is because of the state of existence humanity is in right now, and how this dynamic will get us to peace. Let’s start with what I truly believe- and follow it up why I know it will come to pass.
I Believe that…
 There IS a fail-safe solution, and implementable practice, that will get us to peace.
 Your personal transformation is the key to Peace on Earth.                                                                                                            
 When you shift into a place of peace, there will be a ripple effect that will assist with the transformation of humanity collectively and will result in:
* Global respect and unity prevailing.
* A harmonious coexistence between all people.
* Humankind will come together as One, rather than exist in separate factions.
* And ultimately, humanity will shift into a paradigm of peace.
How is that ever going to happen?
It will happen because the one thing that motivates people more than anything else, when they call forth for change, is PAIN.  Humanity is begging for there to be global peace and harmony- and it is the pain, conflict, and turmoil that will get us to there.  I guarantee things will change as nothing can sustain this amount of conflict and grief indefinitely.
It is that simple, pain will be what motivates individuals and humanity- and that is how we will get to peace on earth, as humankind is ready to do anything that it takes to be free of that discomfort. I know that the Principles of Peace will get us there and I hope you will step in and receive their gifts, as you truly can live a joyful, happy life…  free of turmoil and anguish~ today and evermore.
Please note: you do not have to experience this immense pain in your life, and I promise you can be free of it, the the principles will get you there.
In the weeks to come I will continue to post weekly inspirations and soon I will be holding workshops online, and locally. In June I will have a reference guide for you to use- as the book is now scheduled to be published 11/2016
I am here, and we are only just beginning. Right now if any thing speaks to you or you have questions please comment below or contact me via this webpage.
If you would like to receive my weekly inspirations in your email inbox you can subscribe to do so on my home page.
Wishing you a most beautiful day~

  1. This brings so much peace, Wendy. Thank you! 💖

  2. Humanity is ready for peace! I do believe we will all get to a place where we can all live in harmony with each other. Keep up the good work with your inspirational messages, and thank you for helping humanity get to a place of peace!

  3. And hello to you my beautiful daughter! Thank you as always Wendy for your message of hope and peace for all mankind. I honor your path and proud to make this journey with you. I love you, Mom

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