Imagine, the infinity of the Divine, which at this very moment, is the infinity of you and me…

The sun and the sunbeam are one, the sun itself~ the sunbeam is the sun’s way of appearing to us. You and I, as individual beings, are one with the Divine~ the Divine appearing as your form and as mine.

You can no more escape from the Divine than the sunbeam can escape from the sun. Just as warmth and light are constituent elements of the sunbeam, so are Life, Truth, Love, harmony, peace, joy, and dominion constituent elements of your being.

Eternalness and immortality are constituent principles of your being, and you can no more be deserted by eternalness and immortality than the Divine can be cut-off from Itself.

Every individual is that center of Consciousness through which, or as which, the infinite good of the Divine is pouring Itself into the world. All that the Divine IS, and all that the Divine has, is pouring Itself through you to me, and in like manner all that is in, and of the Divine, is pouring Itself through me to you.

All that we call Truth, all that we call Life, all that we call Love, all that we call Spirit, is manifesting and expressing Itself as individual being through each and every one of you. “Ye are the light of the world”~ that Divine light which is manifesting Itself to all of mankind.

~ With credit to Joel Goldsmith, The Heart of Mysticism (paraphrased)

Imagine, the infinity of the Divine which, at this very moment, is the infinity of you and me… and imagine with me that this will be the Truth and reality that all beings on earth shall soon reside in one day, one day not so far away. Imagine absolutely nothing else, give your attention to absolutely nothing else, and step into it all with me today~ and evermore.

If you truly want to live individual Peace on a daily basis, and want to assist with humanity shifting into an era of Peace, then the Principles of Peace can and will get you, and the world, there.

With immense love and appreciation for beautiful you…




  1. I would love an outline of your workshop and anything else to read that you have created. 😊

  2. I love this, Wendy! Makes my heart sing! 💗

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