Hey- what’s going on? Just another momentous moment in time~ compliments of the Eternal Divine.

Did you feel it, just about a month ago? Were you consciously able to note that moment in time? Or did you experience it in a way where your world just seemed to be chaotic or frenetic for no apparent reason.

You may ask: What happened? What’s going on? And what does it mean for you?

For me this recent occurrence shook me to my core, the second time since January 2014. The moment, actually an event, affected me so immensely that it has taken a whole month for me to have complete clarity as to what occurred and I am excited to share with you my personal insights with hopes of giving you clarity and assisting you with fearlessly stepping into your Divine calling completely, for the sake of humanity’s desire to now have their human awakening.

Let’s get to it…

It is time~ for you to step into the agreement you made with the Divine.

What happened and what’s going on?

What happened, approximately a month ago, was humanity collectively called in for an adjustment on the time frame for their awakening, the awakening that was set into motion over two years ago.

If you are not sure what I am speaking of, I will briefly share the totality of what humankind has called in, that which a time adjustment has been made on.

It all commenced over two years ago when a desperate call was sent out from humanity that was heard throughout the heavens and universe. A call that came in the form of prayers and pleas for there to be Peace on Earth and for humanity to be free of conflict, pain, and sorrow. The urgency pierced the hearts and souls of every being that resides beyond the veil and these souls began to prepare themselves to assist in any way possible- they would step in as soon as humanity made the choice to awaken.

Shortly after the call was made, miraculously the mortal majority collectively decided that the course of mankind would shift for eternity. The decision was made that it was now time for humanity to step into a new era, an era in which Peace and Love on earth would reign. It was decided it was now time for humanity to have their Great Awakening. The goal was set, and free-will of mankind would no longer alter the course.

So, for more than two years humanity has been stepping into the process of their awakening, and what happened just over a month ago, that was felt by many of us, was humanity deciding that instead of operating within a 20-50 year time frame in tracking towards their awakening they are now going to try to accomplish, and assimilate, the process within a 5-7 year time frame.

It was decided THE TIME HAS COME to step into the awakening
process fully and completely~ Now.

Okay, that decision in itself was enough to shake things up immensely energetically. But, what happened next is what shook everything energetically to the core, once again.

In the very instant humanity collectively made the choice to adjust the timing of it all, every single conscious being beyond turned their energy, time, and attention towards humanity to assist with their fervent desire, and request, to be lifted out of fear, pain, and the illusion.

The second call that was made by humanity, coupled with every being stepping in to answer that call, literally vibrated all that exists throughout the entire universe with an intensity as never before.

So, that’s what happened, and that’s what ‘s going on.

What does it mean for you?

It means you can now step into your Divine calling as never before~ and know you are being beckoned to do so by every being here, there, and everywhere.

You, I, and souls from beyond can change the history of mankind and launch
all people into an era in which Peace on Earth will prevail.

Do you feel you have been called to assist humanity with their amazing awakening?
Then please note that the time to step in is Now… One-thousand percent.

Here’s the deal: I understand it can be frightening to step into it completely and to expose yourself in such a way. What will others think: family, friends, colleagues, and even the neighbors- you may be dubbed crazy or otherwise.


No! It may seem daunting- but what I am here to share with you is since the event, that occurred a month ago, you will no longer have to worry about such things. As a result of the recent, magnificent shift everything is moving at the speed of sound. People are heart centered, focused on the end goal, and energetically there is no idle time for mankind to sit in judgment any longer.

So, please, step in… with me, and confidently serve as there is no longer a reason to hold back as a result of fear.

There is no longer any need to fear serving your Divine calling as people around you simply will no longer have time to condemn or judge that which you do~ step in with me, one-thousand percent, and assist with Humanity’s Great Awakening~ as only you were designed to do.

In closing- that is what’s going on.

With immense love and appreciation for beautiful you, and wishing you a most marvelous and magnificent day~ Wendy


Wendy is a teacher of Truth that has stepped into her own Divine calling and is here to share about the amazing shift humanity is now experiencing- as mankind has their Great Awakening. She writes these “Letter’s of Love” to humanity in hopes to have you feel loved and supported during these ever-changing times.


  1. Reading with my heart! I am here! I am here! I am here!

  2. You speak the truth beautifully and powerfully,and your words are speaking straight to my heart and soul.

  3. Thank You Christine for walking with me… <3

  4. Let’s go dear Miss Wendy. Love ya

    • Ahhhh, look it is the most amazing Rev. Patti!!! Love and BIG hugs to you… and yes, let’s go and get it done. 🙂

  5. I love you and I feel the love… I am here! I will spread love and peace to all those around me XOXO

    • You Sweet Girl, are love and peace always. I love you and your big, beautiful, amazing, bright light. XOXOX

  6. Thank you Wendy for your message, guidance and heartfelt voice. xoxo

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