Hello Beautiful You(s)!!

Well to my surprise it has been nearly 11 months since I have checked in, my goodness and apologies to all. Not without reason, yet far too long.

This will be short and sweet as still at it. What is ‘it’ exactly? As shared last year, I am in the process of finishing and publishing all that is to land concurrently. Specifically:

The Lightworkers’ Quest- an Awakening Plan for Peace written to provide assistance with one’s awakening through story conveyance.

The Principles of Peace- an Everyday Practice for Peace written to assist you with living in Peace on Earth no matter what mayhem may currently be playing itself out for the collective of humankind.

Finally, Awaken, Transcend, Ascend- an Awakening Plan for Peace written to assist those who are ready to awaken to the nth degree to reach that goal. This book will also serve as the framework for curriculum to be offered through an educational platform.

Additionally, the incredible, amazing Appio Hunter and I are in the process of creating a Nonprofit Organization with intention to let ONE and ALL know that Peace on Earth is an achievable reality and humankind is more than capable of reaching that benchmark. We will be offering resources, including a Podcast, with intention of seeing to it that all human beings have access to means and ways in how to live in peace. We will be launching in 2019, the link is:


In closing, I would like to wish you all a most marvelous remainder of 2018 and look so forward to connecting in 2019.

With much love and appreciation for beautiful YOU now and evermore,

Wendy Isaac







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