Happy Valentine’s Day~ a love letter written to you, sent from my heart to yours…

Today is the day of Love~ the day when we search high-and-low for the most incredible ways to say I Love You. Whether it be a sentiment one desires to express in words, or a gift that represents how one feels, the objective is always the same- and that is to find an amazing way to convey to the one’s we adore how much we truly love them.
How amazing is it that this is the day I begin this journey with you and the commencement of my Posts to Ponder. As I pondered that which had potential to inspire, my heart showed me that the message of love I am to share on this day had already been written. It is due to be published on June 21st, yet I know now, the time is now, for me to share it with you.
You will discover throughout my posts to follow this one that I often speak of “how I know with certainty” that humanity shall someday live in an era of peace on earth- the following chapter I am sharing discloses as to why I do know this with all that I am.
This chapter I am sharing is a love letter written to you, sent from my heart to yours, with high hopes that you will feel loved and supported throughout these ever changing times. It is my gift to you on this day we celebrate love… Enjoy.
Happy Valentine’s Day, you are loved and adored beyond measure~ Wendy
The Time Has Come for Humanity’s Great Awakening
By Wendy Isaac
This chapter is a love letter written to you, sent from my heart to yours, with high hopes that you will feel loved and supported throughout these ever changing times.
 Peace is all there IS, all there ever was, and all that ever shall be.
What you think and believe to be real and true,
Will soon cease to exist in your reality,
The illusionary myth of me and you.
All memories and beliefs riddled with residuals of separation,
Will dissolve into the ether without trepidation.
Humanity shall finally be free of sorrow and fear,
We will harmoniously exist as One. This is Truth, my dear.
I promise you, those who crave for the world
to be free of all heartache and pain,
You will never have to experience any derivatives of these again.
The transformation has already commenced,
Joyfully celebrate, as there is no turning back.
The collective of humanity has made the choice,
Free will of individuals shall no longer alter the course.
Peace is truly all there is, all there ever was, and all there ever shall be.
Dear Sweet Child, I so desire to speak with you: about you, your soul’s journey, and the journey that humanity now begins together. Come, take a seat next to me, settle in, and when you are ready, open your mind and heart so that this soul can assist you during these ever-changing times. Today, dear one, the time has come for us to discuss the cathartic evolution that you and the human race are now embarking upon.
I have asked you here today so that I can bestow upon you clarity, comfort, and a greater understanding as to what is happening during this momentous time in history. I have been leaning in and listening very closely to the conversations you and your earthly companions are having. Your curiosity is peaking and you crave to know more.
As I listen in on your conversations, I know with all of my being that you and the ones you love are ready, excited, and anxiously awaiting all that lies before you. You sense that everything is changing – you feel it to your core. You curiously talk about the immense shifts that are happening, and it feels like everything around you is changing at the speed of sound.
You wonder why it feels like spiritual awakenings and discoveries of astonishing magnitudes are happening more quickly than ever before. You notice others embracing methods and teachings that were greatly rejected afore. How is it that now is the time when the desire to become an aware spiritual being is the heart-centered goal of so many? You feel people’s resistance beginning to wane and you can feel the hearts and souls of millions wanting to know the Truth of who they truly are. You have an innate understanding that there is a spiritual awakening happening here on earth, yet you feel there is more to it and that the scope of your understanding does not reveal the whole picture to you. Your desire to know the whole story has become insatiable, and this is why it is time that we meet together now.
I am filled with excitement for this moment in time, as I get to share with you what is on this heart of mine. Lean in, my dear, and I will share in part with you one of the greatest stories to be told in the history of mankind since the inception of your creation.
 * * *
There was a moment in time… did you feel it? That magnificent moment when a decision was made and instantaneously the will of man collided with Unconditional Love from beyond. Every being on earth was then launched into a dawn of awakening. I was jolted by the agreement made between humankind and the Divine, and I know you felt it, too. My calling, and the calling of those I serve with, changed forevermore on that day. And the commencement of the evolution of mankind that I once saw only on the brink of existence is now coming to fruition. I am beside myself with joy as it is a most amazing time in history for all of humanity.
This moment in time I speak of is the very instant that everything changed forevermore; the paradigm that commenced with the birth of the very first human to walk on this earth is now coming to an end. The collective journey of mankind in this time-and-space experience shall now have its final curtain call. What does this mean? What is really going on? The time has come, dear one… it is now time for “Humanity’s Great Awakening.”
There is so much to share, and we only have a short time together today. I will do my best to give you a peek into all that lies before you with the intention that it will give you clarity. What I am sharing today may fill you with excitement or leave you with some residual doubt or fear, but please know that my longing is to leave you feeling inspired and to bestow hope upon your heart and soul. Know that you are supported and loved for eternity, and that you are always held in the hearts and hands of God, the Divine, and all the amazing souls who serve in the most tender and loving ways. You are never alone.
The reality for humanity is now surpassing the imaginative and creative presentations of fiction as never before. Hold on tight… and let the journey begin.
It all started with a call, a desperate call for help that was sent out by you and humanity that was heard throughout the heavens and universe. Your call came to us in the form of prayers and pleas for there to be Peace on earth, and for your reality to be free of conflict, violence, poverty, greed, wars, and self-deprecation. You begged to be free of fear, pain, and sorrow. The call’s urgency pierced the hearts and souls of every being that exists in all of creation.
We watched from beyond and craved to step in and assist you in every way possible, but the time had not come yet, so we did what we could to support you for the time being. We held you all in the highest vibration of Light, Love, and Truth possible, not only to comfort you, but with the conviction that you soon would be ready to move beyond the circumstances of your own creation. We patiently waited as we served you from beyond the veil and had high hopes that the tide would turn and we would be allowed to assist you in the way for which we were created. Our anticipation was palpable and we anxiously awaited the miracle so that we could fulfill our very own Divine callings.
Then, on the second-most-exciting day in human history since the day of earthly creation, the miracle happened and the mortal majority collectively decided that the course of mankind would shift for eternity. It was decided that it was time for humans to step into a new paradigm – a paradigm in which Peace and Love on earth would reign. Creation was rocked to the core the day that decision was made. Transition was set into motion and there would be no turning back. Even the free will of mankind would no longer alter the course. Souls were unbound and we could now serve you in a way in which we were never allowed to before. What lay ahead of us all, humankind and souls from beyond, would change history and launch you into all that your hearts and souls desire, to live in Peace here on earth and to shift into a paradigm in which nothing except Love, Light, and Truth exists.
These are truly exciting times! The time has come, the time of your Human Awakening! You will be stepping into the most wonderful existence you have yet to live. You will be advancing into an awe-inspiring era that will liken to stepping into heaven on earth, and you will live a life filled with harmony, joy, and love to heights that you have never experienced before. I am so excited for all that awaits you! Soon you will awaken and live in a “Paradigm of Peace.” It is now time to transcend the current paradigm of existence and usher in an era that is null and void of all that humanity craves to no longer be part of their reality… the illusionary reality of who you believe you are.
A collective Human Awakening? How in the world can this really happen, and how in the universe can this really be true – a time-and-space experience here on earth where there will be nothing except Peace and harmony across the entire globe? Yes, this is not only possible, but will certainly come to pass. We promise. A Divinely orchestrated plan has already been created and has been set into motion. I see your heart fill with hope and excitement as you assimilate this probability, and yet there may also be uncertainty as to how something of this magnitude can really be true. You ask how you and others will have this Human Awakening. It will happen as you wake up to Truth… the Truth of who you truly are.
You are LIGHT, and you are LOVE,
And all that you believe the Divine and the Universe are~
IS who YOU are.
You individually are the creators of your experience.
When you realize this Truth and are in a full state of awakened
consciousness, YOU will then become ONE and undivided.
You shall live in Peace evermore.
Lean in a little closer, a little more than before, and I will share a secret with you… a secret that is only coming to the light of day in this very moment in time. I spoke of the agreement that was made between humans and the Divine – that day that shook creation to the core. It was on that very day that an insatiable desire began to burn in the hearts of our souls and we knew it was time for us to come forth and fulfill our magnificent calling. We were asked if we would be willing to serve in a new way here on earth, and be the first to assist you with your Great Awakening.
Yes, my dear, it is true. There are souls who once resided beyond the veil who are coming in to assist with this remarkable happening – souls who have been assisting you from the other side. We are your celestial guides who know you better than any other beings in all of creation. We are coming in because we love you so and because assisting you with your ultimate awakening is our calling. We are so honored and grateful beyond measure to step in and serve thee. We are beside ourselves with excitement because the day has come when Truth can now be heard, understood, digested, and assimilated as never before. Truly an astounding and brilliant time in history it IS!
I mentioned a plan that was orchestrated by the Divine, and before we part today I will give you a glimpse into how we will serve you during your incredible evolution. In summary, the following are highlights of what we will be focusing on:
* Foremost, we are here to teach and share Truth. We know the Truth, we speak the Truth, and we will teach the Truth in a way that can be easily understood     and assimilated.
* We are here to help you wake up to the Truth of who we all are; to cut through the illusions and part the veil so the “real story” can be known.
* We will present you with easily applied methods, principles, and tools that will get you and the entire planet to Peace.
Rest assured that the methods, principles, and tools to get all humanity to Peace are easily understood. There will be nothing difficult to digest nor any huge learning curves involved. All it will take is your willingness to follow the path laid before you. You may be surprised that the information presented is nothing “new,” as there is nothing new to introduce. All Truth you need to awaken has been presented in one form or another for centuries. The difference now is that everything you need to know will be presented in a way in which you will have all the information cohesively in hand and you will no longer need to piece together instructions to try to figure out the most effective path to Humanity’s Great Awakening.
Our time together, for the moment, must come to an end. I see you on the edge of your seat ready to learn and receive more. Trust that soon you will have even greater clarity with your own awakening.
Thank you, my dear sweet child, for allowing me to share this message with you today. I do hope you received clarity, comfort, and a greater understanding as to what is happening during these pivotal times, and that you are filled with hope that soon Peace will prevail.
As we part for today, I ask that you close your eyes and breathe in all the possibilities that are before you. Open your heart far and wide, and then allow the Truth to embrace you and set you free.
Until we meet again… know that the tide has turned. Let go and release all that you believed was true. Trust that the majority has chosen to head towards Peace. The resistance is waning and all you need to do now is turn towards the Light and ALLOW the loving flow of the Divine to assist you in transitioning into Peace and harmony. Feel the embrace of the Almighty and know that Peace on Earth, and Love, shall reign evermore.
© Wendy Isaac
notebook-867707_1920Wendy’s book, The Principles of Peace, is planned for release June 20, 2016. She is an author, and speaker, and has a degree in new thought and metaphysics. Wendy currently teaches, advocates, and mediates on behalf of peace and conducts workshops that assist and inspire individuals on their path to living joyful and harmonious lives. If you would like to speak with Wendy or receive information about her book, services, and speaking engagements, please contact her via her website www.WendyIsaac.com or email her at [email protected]

  1. Very inspirational. This gives me hope that there will be peace on earth.

  2. I love this! It goes straight to the heart and bypasses all fear! I’m really looking forward to the book! Many blessings to you, Wendy! ❤️

  3. Wendy;
    Very insightful and I look forward to seeing more from you.

  4. You are such an amazing and talented writer! LOVE and peace for all is the answer indeed! I love you! I’m so looking forward to your book! YAY! Xoxox

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