Governments and Politicians… in regards to Peace.

  Governments and politicians cannot hinder us on our journey to Peace on Earth-
and they ultimately have no power in keeping us from it.
Governments and Politicians- can they hinder us on our journey to Peace on Earth? I know with certainty, they have no power in keeping us from it as humanity has called in, with all their might, for there to be change… and this amazing change shall surely come to pass.
Right about now, you may be asking how does she know with certainty? I do know with all that I am, and the very first post I presented shares about the incredible evolution humanity has embarked on.  The transition is amazing and if you like here is the link.
This post to ponder is focused on my desire to assist you in shifting a belief, if it is one that you hold– the belief that humanity will never live in harmony while governments and politicians rule. It may stretch you, and you may believe it can never come to fruition, that is okay, my job is just to shine light on all the possibilities that exist for humanity during these incredible times of transformation, and to hopefully allow you to feel greater peace in knowing we are on our way to living a harmonious existence here on earth.
Do you believe the government and politicians can keep us from getting to peace? If so, I want to share with you what I believe, and know to be true, with hopes it will resonate and fill you with a knowing of what is really the Truth.
The Truth is:
* We, humanity, collectively hold the power and the key to peace on earth.
* Collectively as We begin to shift, and call forth for change with a renewed energy and positive focus, the government will shift in focus and direction also.
* As We shift into a place of peace, and become cohesive in our goal, the “leaders” will follow.
* Universal beliefs, and systems, that no longer serve us will end up evolving- as We evolve individually, and collectively. The current world order will shift into peace.
* In the end the Government, and politicians, will have no power or say in the matter of peace. Breath in ~ Exhale… and know that We will get there.
Truth? I know with certainty it is. The thing about Truth is either it speaks to you or does not. If these Truths speak to you then I ask that you please place them in your heart and allow them to grow- as the belief in them will assist humanity profoundly in transitioning into an era of peace. I thank you with all that I am for doing so.
If this does not resonate with you, that is okay too. There are other messengers, and methods, that will get us to peace. Find the Truths that speak to your heart… and let them grow in their amazing unique way.
Wishing you a most beautiful and peaceful day~ with love and appreciation.
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  1. Reminds me of the song…Let There be Peace on Earth and let it Begin with me. 💗 I love this!

  2. So many people are stuck on a one way road of thought? Never looking for a different way to get to where humanity needs to end up? We need to get to peace together, all of us. To many outside influences clouding our vision and ultimate destiny! I am also guilty of this at times. I have great expectations that humanity will make the shift that is needed to get to a place of love and peace. Thank you for reminding me to stay focused on the big picture!

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