Alignment Session Descriptions


Quick calls are available to assist you with specific questions you may have in regards to what is the best course to pursue for your own awakening and Soul Alignment experience. Have questions prepared prior to our call.

Quick calls can be of huge benefit if you would like to see what it would be like to work with me before investing in one of the other alignment services. There is no pre-screening or qualifying process to schedule a quick call.



Does your heart and soul crave to experience peace, ease, love, light and joy on a regular basis? If so these sessions will be of great benefit to you during these ever-changing times and will be of great assistance during your own awakening.

Life alignment sessions are designed to assist you and your soul as you step-in towards one another with the goal, and intention, of coming into alignment. In signing up for this service you will receive specific instructions that are unique unto you with the intention of having all facets of your life settle into a place of peaceful alignment.

If you are uncertain as to whether Life Alignment Sessions will be of benefit for you then please feel free to schedule a Soul Alignment Quick Call and we can discuss your options.



Divine calling alignment sessions are designed to assist you and your soul as you step-in towards one another with the goal, and intention, of serving humanity during their awakening process.

In signing up for this service you will receive specific instructions, unique unto you, that will initiate a fast-tracking process that will get you to a place of GREAT clarity in how to fulfill your calling as you serve.

Many of life’s experiences you would normally need to go through to get to the place of serving your divine calling would no longer need to be experienced. The confusion, twists, turns, and obstacles will be identified and if you so choose can be eliminated from your learning curve.

Humankind is reaching out as never before for assistance with their evolution and a desire to shift into an era of peace. The need for those who have been called to assist is greater than ever before. If you know you are here to help, and want to be able to do so sooner than later, fast-tracking can get you there quickly and efficiently.

Monthly Maintenance Plan

A monthly maintenance plan can be of huge benefit if you are one-hundred percent vested in your awakening process and serving your soul calling. Together we can synch you and your soul on a regular basis so that you can truly step into living a life that is filled with peace, joy, and harmony.



These sessions will be offered as a mentorship program for Lightworkers and Spiritual Leaders who are ready to step in and serve humanity in the greatest capacity possible.

Do you know that your services and calling were meant to assist humanity globally? Are you ready to step into your calling one-thousand percent and serve as you were only created to do so? If so, this mentorship program may be exactly what you need in order to fulfill your unique, amazing calling.

The experience you will have will be intensive, deep, profound, will initiate your personal transformation at the highest level possible in your human experience, and will align you and your soul in a way that will allow you to not only fulfill your individual calling- but your soul’s incredible calling also.

Imagine, coming into complete alignment with your total existence… here, there and everywhere.

If you believe you are here on earth to be a global leader who is deemed to assist humanity with their awakening- then please contact me and we can discuss what is offered with this unique mentoring process, and program.

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