My Philosophy

My personal philosophy, and belief system, evolved as a result of my education, a relentless pursuit to understand the nature of humanity through my own life experiences, through the counseling of individuals, through an inborn spiritual understanding, and through simple observation. 

What is my philosophy?

I believe…

* Peace on earth is possible if each and every individual will step in and do their part.

* There is a fail-safe solution, and implementable practice, that will get us to peace on earth.

* That if we utilize the Principles of Peace and put them into practice that humanity shall, and will, transform collectively and shift into an era of reconciliation, harmony, and unity.

* That we will live here on earth in Peace~ with immense progress being made during our very own lifetimes and the most heart-warming benefit of all is that our children, grandchildren, and generations to come shall live here in peace forevermore.

And finally~

I believe it truly does not matter what one calls that which is greater than us. God, Source, and the Divine have always meant for us to be joined together and live in a harmonious existence.  The desire has always been for humanity to experience joy, peace, love, and absolutely nothing else. To live our lives free of fear… turmoil, and angst to be unknown to us all.

Dare to imagine that this is the Truth, and join me in helping it come to fruition.

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My Philosophy Monday January 25th, 2016

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