Join me today, and let’s choose to Be Love in every way…

As we go forth to do so, remember that Love is immense in its powerful healing abilities!!
Let’s send our Love out to the world with all of our hearts so that it can enfold and bless all
beings on planet earth~ and believe that Peace shall, and will, prevail.

Remember today and always, that nothing, nothing at all… succeeds like Love.

Wishing you a most beautiful day.



Discover how you can “Start Being the Change Today
Let’s get you and humanity to a place of Peace ~
Dare to Imagine it with me…

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Educating ~ Advocating ~ Mediating

on Behalf of Peace

My heart and soul goal is to assist humanity with their amazing awakening so that all may live unified in harmony on beautiful planet earth. To help all who desire to transcend fear, separation, and the illusory reality to do so with great ease so that all may live in peace. And, to help humankind embrace their Truths: the Truths of their total existence and the entire Truths of You, Me, and Humanity too.

These Truths are:

* Living in peace is our divine inheritance, our birthright, and the only way we ever intended to live.
* We are beautiful beings of light, first, foremost, always and evermore. Made of the Light from the moment we incepted.
We are all are ONE with everything that exists, as ALL that IS was created from the very same Divine light matter as we. Remember I am you and you are me.
We as conscious beings ARE a creative force that shapes our collective reality & how our reality plays out, is always unto us.
* Our life experience on earth is of our creation and we are solely responsible for the condition it is in.

In closing, is peace on earth possible? I know with certainty it IS!! As assisting humanity with their return to peace is my total calling and quest. Stay tuned for The Lightworkers’ Quest, to be released August 2018, and for the means and way to peace I am here to deliver to finally see the light of day. ♥ Wendy

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The Lightworkers’ Quest

To be released August 2018

Your Personal Transformation is the Key to Peace on Earth

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Welcome Sunday January 9th, 2011

Be the Change Today!

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