Join me today, and let’s choose to Be Love in every way…

As we go forth to do so, remember that Love is immense in its powerful healing abilities!!
Let’s send our Love out to the world with all of our hearts so that it can enfold and bless all
beings on planet earth~ and believe that Peace shall, and will, prevail.

Remember today and always, that nothing, nothing at all… succeeds like Love.

Wishing you a most beautiful day.



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Let’s get you and humanity to a place of Peace ~
Dare to Imagine it with me…

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Educating ~ Advocating ~ Mediating

on Behalf of Peace

The Divine Directives~ Principles of Peace

My calling in life is to bring forth three Directives. The first Directive I will be presenting is called The Principles of Peace, and I believe it is through the practice of these principles that humanity shall, and will, transform collectively and shift into an era of reconciliation, harmony and unity.

I am an advocate of peace and know with certainty that peace on earth is possible if each individual will step in and do their part.  Is there a fail-safe solution and implementable practice that can get us to peace on earth?  I know with certainty there is.

I am honored to serve, honored to deliver these Directives and beside myself with joy that all beings are now entering into a paradigm of peace.  Please join me and together we will help with ushering in a new era of peace on earth and where love shall reign forevermore.

Wendy headshot-Christine

Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 1.12.21 PMThe Principles of Peace

To be released in 2017

Your Personal Transformation is the Key to Peace on Earth

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Welcome Sunday January 9th, 2011

Be the Change Today!

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